Make space for change

Last week we had the privilege to give a workshop at the LXDCON in Amsterdam. A wonderful international conference with people who love to learn about making impact through creating learning experiences.

The title of our workshop was: “Make space for change”. And this title triggered a lot of people to attend our workshop.  We invited people to experience for themselves how to make space for change. Through our method and by using the power of creativity the workshop was triggering them to go beyond their own patterns and ideas.

Looking back we find ourselves questioning why so many people are intrigued by making space for change. Change often is a process that has to do with effort, perseverence and overcoming obstacles. As learning is changing, also learning can be a process that takes time and effort.

So what do you say to people when they want to learn, but only when it is fun?

In real life we met several clients who noticed a problem/challenge in their workprocess, or in the workprocess of their team. And already had a solution at hand to fix the problem.  The solution often was an trainingprogram that ensured the funfactor. Because they were afraid they could not get commitment without it.

As we see it, the funfactor can flatten the impact. Fun is nescesarry to engage people for sure. But not to really make an impact. Impact can be reached by changing behaviour and therefore challenges that take effort and overcoming obstacles are mandatory.

As Skystormers we try to reach the sky, and make impact in the lifes of our clients. We would love to give a workshop or insiprational session at your event. Or help you with your question on how to make space for change.

Just give us a call or write a mail so we can make space together. ,

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