The Skystormers

Creative expedition
lasting innovation


When you are climbing a mountain, you face rough terrain and a high altitude: your reward is a beautiful view and the feeling that you have achieved something!

This is similar to how you develop yourself: it takes time, effort, perseverance, continue to learn and also listening to your heart. That is what we do with our training courses. Your result can be self-confidence, ownership and innovative ideas.

How can you achieve personal change in behavior and culture in your team?

The Skystormers creates and provides training. This training translates ambition and vision into the ownership of concrete, innovative ideas. 

Elisabeth Baron en  Anneke Blok

By listening carefully to the participants, we can develop and give customized training, where people become co-owners of a change process. We do this by taking you into a learning experience, using the power of creativity.

We celebrate the moment when people discover their creative side again, finding the pleasure in it and learn how to use it. We design learning experiences and coach and train with passion in act from creativity, creative thinking and being creative. 

Our approach to create learning experiences is based on: - Letting go - Having fun - Apply in -With this lasting learning experience, we achieve the result for your organization: room for innovation from the team, ownership of the innovations and strengthening teampower.

We work for teams in companies and for groups of individual participants.


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